Lagardère Group operates in 31 countries in four continents and is divided into four main business lines:

  • Lagardère Publishing – book publishing
  • Lagardère Active – radio, TV and audiovisual productions
  • Lagardère Travel Retail – press distribution, travel retail business and product distribution
  • Lagardère Sports  – sports and entertainment events

Lagardère Travel Retail operates the first international network of press and books stores, different services and specialty stores, duty- free chains, coffee- shops. Some of the most popular brands, operated by the company, are Relay, Inmedio, Hub, Discover, Aelia and Virgin.

LS Travel Retail is a division within Lagardère Travel Retail that has been operating in the travel retail business for more than 160 years. The division is present on all types of platforms (airports, railway stations, ferries, inflight-retail).

Over 11 thousand employees work with Lagardère Group around the world in about 4200 stores in 31 countries.