April 01st, 2019

AÏDA coffee & pastry makes its debut in travel retail

Vienna, April 1st, 2019 – Lagardère Travel Retail opens the first AÏDA coffee and pastry shop in travel retail at Vienna Airport.

AÏDA is a near-cult Viennese “Café Konditorei” – a coffee and pastry shop - founded in 1913 by Josef Prousek. Over the years AÏDA has always been a defender of Viennese tradition and quality, for instance by being one of the first to introduce Italian-style espresso machines in Austria in 1948 and by refusing to add flavored coffee to their menu when it became fashionable.

Now 106 years strong, AÏDA has become the largest and most exclusive family-owned confectionery producer and coffee shop brand in Europe with 130 pastry chefs producing 3 tons of cakes and pastries daily, along with 30 types of ice cream and ice cream cake. Specialties sold at AÏDA today are Coffee, Cakes, Pastry, Tea, Merchandise, Snacks, Ice Cream and Gifts.

Dominik Prousek, Executive Director and fourth generation of the AÏDA family commented “We are very happy that Lagardère Travel Retail saw the perfect fit and potential of this brand for the travel retail channel. AÏDA is special because we accompany our guests throughout the day – offering not only coffee and sweets – but also breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks as well as gifts for family and friends. We have created the perfect offer for travelers all over the world and we are very pleased to have taken this first step together with our strategic partner Lagardère Travel Retail. We are very proud to showcase our heritage at Vienna airport and more than ever committed to bring a slice of Viennese tradition to the world to bake the world a better place!“

Astrid Meyer-Hentschel, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail Austria added, “We are very pleased to be able to showcase this concept, as it is a perfect fit with our strategy, to create unique and differentiated customer experience that surprises travelers, wherever they are”.

Located landside at Terminal 1, the coffee & pastry shop is accessible to all visitors of Vienna Airport. The AÏDA concept caters to all the needs of today’s travelers – with eat-in as well as take away options, with delicious looking cakes & pastries that come in sugar-free, gluten-free and vegetarian options.