March 01st, 2019

Lagardère Travel Retail wins the Top Com award thanks to its quirky internal videos

Paris, March 1st, 2019 - Lagardère Travel Retail wins the Top Com award for its internal TV show, “Listen Carefully!” [« Ecoute-moi bien ! » in French]

The Top Com is a very prestigious award for all Communications professionals, a bit like the Cannes Lions d’Or in the movie industry. Lagardère Travel Retail won the 1st prize (Gold) in the Internal Digital Media category.

Created by the duty free teams specifically for the duty free community, the TV show « Listen Carefully » is published bi-monthly on the company intranet. It is a quirky 90s format inspired by short videos on social media. It is composed of 4 parts:
- A 5s introduction where an employee puts his/herself in the shoes of a buyer in one of our stores
- Latest news
- A 20s Flash Interview where an employee talks about what his/her role, his/her team, his/her recent achievements
- In Your Basket: focus on best-sellers brands and products sold in stores

The tone is lively, spontaneous, fun and gives each employee a chance to be an actor in front of the camera as much as he/she is one daily in the company.



80% of the staff view each show at least once and 20% view it on their smartphones, 2 out of 3 being from the Y Generation.

Created in partnership with Lonsdale branding and design agency, this internal communication tool has become a catalyst of our company values - innovation, team spirit, excellence and enthusiasm.