March 02nd, 2023

Three new restaurants to open at Keflavík Airport

We are proud to announce we have won Isavia's latest tender!

We will introduce two places under the name BAKAÐ, where fresh bread and pizzas will be offered as well as a selection of healthy juices, salads and quality coffee drinks from Tea and Coffee (a local brand). It is none other than the baker Ágúst Einthórsson, better known as Gústi in Bakabaka, who will lead the product design and will be our mentor in everything related to the bread offering along with the excellent team of bakers at Brikk (a local bakery brand). The third location will be LOKSINS Café & Bar, which will be a combination of café and bar. One BAKAÐ unit will be in the departure hall on the 1st floor, and the other one will be upstairs on the 2nd floor just before the walkway towards the South terminal. The new Loksins Café & Bar will be in the South building where Kvikk Café is currently located. HAF studio (a local designers) was responsible for the design of the units and overall image. All locations are scheduled to open this year.

At Isavia's website (the operators of Keflavik Airport) you can read the following: "A total of six parties downloaded the tender documents when access to them was opened on July 11, 2022. Five parties submitted a statement of eligibility and participation and they all met the qualification requirements of the tender and were invited to submit offers and participate in the negotiation process. Getting five parties into the process who were assessed as qualified is particularly pleasing and shows that operations at the terminal are in demand. In the end, two parties submitted bids, and it was Lagardère who proved to be the sharpest. "It is a great cause for celebration for us to have the country's leading bakers and the strong Icelandic brands Te og Kaffi og Brikk enter the airport in collaboration with Lagardère, who are great experts in complex catering operations at airports. Keflavík Airport is in constant development, and as the number of passengers increases, the needs become more diverse," says Gunnhildur Erla Vilbergsdóttir, department head of shops and restaurants at Isavia.